I am seriously NOT a housewife!!

Ok, so I am having a little giggle to myself right now. I set up this blog today, I have called it I Am Not a Housewife because I am not technically a housewife. I work full time and I also run a household.

The reason I am laughing right now is because I went out this morning to pick up a few groceries and ended up coming home with these……..

Microfiber extending Duster Pole & Glass/Dusting Mitt…….rather “housewfiey” if I might say!


After “popping” into Aldi to get cat food and walking out with numerous other products, I went over to Coles to pick up the few things that are not available at Aldi.

I swear, there are stories happening all around us and yet we are often to oblivious to even notice.

The lady on my checkout had to call her supervisor over and I caught her saying, “It’s the man in the striped red and black T-shirt.” Intrigued I asked the young girl (after commenting on how nice her bright pink lipstick was)  what the issue was. She proceeded to tell me that this reoffender comes to Coles, grabs a plastic shopping bag from the tills, walks into the store, fills it with Chillies and then advises the check out girls that he has already purchased said chillies but forgot one other thing and therefore get away with not paying for the chillies. Alas Red and black stripped t-shirt man…….your rouse is discovered and you will no longer be able to achieve a free bag of chillies from Coles.

At the same checkout, the old duck behind me then pipes up and tells us that she used to take her father to the shops but stopped doing so as he kept stealing chewing gum! Hilarious!

Anyway, I walked back to my car, came home, unpacked my groceries and made some lunch!

I do love fresh baked rolls with Brie and Parma Ham.



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