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I’m sat here alone tonight. It’s Australia Day Eve and I have to work tomorrow. B and I are lucky enough to have friends around us who want to spend time with us and B is taking full advantage of this being up in Nelson Bay tonight.

I was trolling Facebook for “something to do” checking out posts and seeing what is going on in the world. I have joined a few facebook “pages” and most of the time I just giggle, sigh or move past the mundane, self-absorbed, ridiculous, posts/questions/issues some people have.

A few years ago I would have jumped on any bandwagon going, to give me “two cents” on a topic I have no issue with, didn’t have anything to do with me but felt I was entitled to have a say. I have taken a back seat on those for a long time now, and it feels quite liberating. Knowing that I don’t need to tell these people what I think or how to live their lives, and guess, in the hope that they will eventually work out their shit.

There was one lady, she said she was engaged, been engaged for 2 years and yet a few nights ago her fiancé, the man she loves, decided that their “fight” needed to be taken to another level and he pinned her to a wall by her neck. My first reaction is “what the actual fuck? Why would you be with someone like that?” but then in the next thought “Why do you feel the need to put this on social media?” Needless to say I did not comment and moved on from that post. It does beg the question “how many people are going through this and feel by venting on social media feels that it may fix/help/solve their situation. I say “GET THE FUCK OUT!”

Again though, I feel that posts like that do not need my attention as they will just bring me down. When I started on Facebook many, MANY moons ago, I was all about airing everything little detail of my life. What I had eaten, what I had done that day, who I had spoken to and what I was going to have for dinner.

When I came to Australia I was particularly bad. I think, in hind sight I was trying to justify why I had chosen to stay living here. It wasn’t good enough in my mind and of those back in the UK that I had made this decision to spend the rest of my life in a country half way around the world from my I did just that! Told everyone how I had managed a 5 km run, did 3 loads of washing, hung it out, had breakfast, fake tanned and all before 9am. Now I look back and see how menial it all was.

Social Media is so great in some respects but on the other hand needs to take a back seat in people’s lives. I used to say I had facebook so I could keep in contact with friends I had from school, work or just general life I the UK. I now know this is bullshit because I do not speak to, have a relationship with or even wonder about most of these people on my facebook but I keep them there because it makes me feel like they are still my friends and I love living vicariously through other peoples posts.

Needless to say I picked up the phone and rang AR to have a chat, poor duck is sick in bed but still had 10 minutes to just catch up.

Facebook is not life, it is other people telling you about their lives without actually telling you in person. Pick up the phone people and let those who matter most, know you are alive and what you have done that day!

Rant Over.


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