28 day challenge

Sat here drinking my Rooibos caffeine free raspberry tea and I’m wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into. I thought it would probably be a great opportunity to document the turmoil, hurdles and hopefully the satisfaction of embarking on and then completing a 28 day fitness and detox challenge through my amazing gym.

I joined Body Works Fitness in around August/September 2015. Id just had surgery and decided that there was no better time to join a boot camp gym and shift the masses of weight that I had gained over the past years. I embarked on an 8 week challenge to finish 2015 and although 8 weeks was just far too long, I did manage to loose 9.1kgs and 34cm!

Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity to join another challenge run by Ben and his wife and my aim this time is to get under 70kg.

My weigh in this morning was yuck, I have not seen 5:40am for a little under two weeks and I did not want to get out of bed! Anyways, I managed to drag my arse to the gym and had my weigh in a measurements done. They were better then expected and I have started this challenge only adding 1.3kg to my final weigh in last year. So I start on January 4 2016 (wearing clothes and runners) at 78.2kg (in undies and a bra at 77.4kg) bring on 4 weeks of no alcohol, no bad carbs and massive cm and kg loss!

I food prepped yesterday so the first few days of green, green and more green should hopefully be easier the anticipated. B is asleep at the minute but once he is awake I will make my green smoothie for the morning!



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