Weight Loss Costs Money

So although I just posted about my 28 day challenge, we have currently been doing it for 11 days. I have found this challenge a little difficult compared with the last one, but only because I had healthy habits going into this one and struggled going all the way back to basics. However, I am managing, minus one or two hiccups and this morning on a cold and wet Friday I decided to go through the one part of my wardrobe that has not seen the light of day for at least 2 years – the trousers.

That’s right folks, I put on that much weight that I could not fit my tree trunk thighs into any of my jeans or casual trousers. I have lived in maxis, cotton stretchy skirts and shorts for 2 years. WTF?

Anyways, I bit the bullet and tried on a pair of brown trousers I last wore when my mum was in Australia the time before in 2013. THEY FIT – granted just – BUT THEY DID UP! I jumped around my bedroom for joy. Then it hit me……what about the other 90 million pairs I have been storing for “when I loose the weight”………

Needless to say, 20 minutes later I stood in the doorway of my bedroom looking at the bomb that had just gone off and contemplated how I was going to fit them all back into the small space they came from.

Then I had choice! Rather then sighing and putting on the same old skirt or trackie pants I had to choice. Which trousers will I wear today on the gloomy wet summers day?

After picking the bottom half of my outfit I went through another section of the wardrobe that has not seen the day of light so such a long time also. I pulled out a grey t shirt, a nice Cotton On one that I have never worn. It has small sleaves and a nice V cut top. I threw it on and looked great.

But then it hit me. Where. Are. My. Boobs? I mean seriously, where are they? I had to check if they were still attached to my body. They have gone, they aren’t socks just yet but my perfectly sized oranges are now more like apricots…….

And this, ladies and gentlemen is why weight loss costs you money because I am now currently googling boob jobs and how soon I can get one!


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