To Care is Caring


For those of you who don’t know. I quit my job as a Manger In Training (MIT) in mid December. Things happened in my life last year that, rather then them letting me slip back into a deep hole of depression, I took the bull by the horns and used my experiences for the better.

I became a Community Care Worker (CCW). I went down to part time, I lost wages but I gained me.

My role is predominantly with the elderly who have dementia or are restricted in their daily lives and require someone to come in and help them out. My role ranges from a social chat (yes I get paid to talk), making breakfast/lunch/dinner or even a whole selection of food for a week, assisting in showers, cleaning houses, taking or going shopping for clients and generally being there for them from 30 minutes all the way through to 8 hours of relief.

This next paragraph may offend, shock or bring to light about me to people so carry on reading if you dare. I used to be quite a judgemental person. Id look at people and wonder why they hadn’t “aspired” to be more in their lives. Why they weren’t in an office, or a manager of some sort. I now know that is all such bullshit.

I have a degree, I was training to become a manager for one of the biggest jewellery companies around and yet no qualification or job experience can make you a carer. You can teach empathy, you can learn respect, you can be told what is right and wrong, you can be taught understanding, but if you can’t use it properly its wasted. These are only a handful of skills carers need. You need to be open minded and respectful to the fact you are in someone else’s home, that their dignity needs to be persevered as if you were dealing with the queen, that what they feel is normal to do may be completely alien to you but you do it the way they want because, lets face it, you’re being paid to help them out for the short amount of time you are with them.

Which brings me on to my last point. I am a carer for 10 days out of a fortnight. I may see 30 clients a week and regardless of the time I spend with them I treasure every appointment. There are carers, family members, who are full time carers for these beautiful people and I take my hat off to them. It would be such a hard job doing it 24 7. I get paid to make people smile and enjoy their time with me. They don’t. They truly are angels.

I like this person I have become, no scrap that, I love the person this job has allowed me to finally be.


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