Gluten Free – umm what?

So, I haven’t posted on here for some time. This is due to time, conversational topics and the lack of ‘meh’ that I have had.

That’s right. I’ve felt ‘meh’ for a few weeks now and I decided to do something about it. my hips are sore. I went to a remial massuse. My sleep is terrible. I’ve taken sleeping tablets. My overall mood has been nonchalant. I have kept going.

Enough is enough. So I went to the doctors yesterday and was able to unload a heap world of hurt onto poor doctor J and he prescribed the following; thyroid testing, all “normal testing” vit B, D etc., rheumatoid arthritis, endometriosis and those are just the beginning. He also suggested that I go onto a gluten free diet.

So what does any blogger, writer, whinger, attention seeker do? She posts this journey on Facebook. Turns out not only is my mum coeliac but so is my father. Makes sense to think I might be too?

So today was my first day as gluten free. I have also been looking a lot into the SirtFood way of living and I actually love it AND its pretty much gluten free. So, today my journey started.

I had green juice, bone broth and a black coffee this morning. I continued my day with my, actually quite tasty green juice and then tonight, I made a pan fried green and salmon dish! It was so yum and I even found the alternative to Soy Sauce in the form of tamari! Happy days!


I am so full and satisfied I’m ready to do a happy dance!



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